What is CMS?

CMS – Content Management System. The Content Management Systems provides a back-end area with all the core features to present information on website. Now a days CMS features are different widely from system to system. What that mean is it depends on what environment the CMS is going to work. For example Apache, IIS or any other like Linux based. There are quite few famous CMS out there which are freely available, like Joomla & WordPress. They are open-source and community driven CMS’s, community provides volunteer services for time-to-time release to keep CMS up-to-date and also offer’s more complex and powerful functions.

Moreover, CMS includes some of the following features. Web-based publishing, format management, easy backup functionality, better SEO, search, E-commerce, Blogging, contact forms, subscription signup, social connectivity and many more. A CMS may serve as a central repository containing pictures, videos, sound files and text. CMS can be used for storing, controlling, revising, semantically enriching and publishing documentation. Following Image explain’s in graphical manner.


Note: At Sai Web Developers we offer services for latest Joomla & WordPress Versions.

Welcome to SaiWeb Developers

cropped-sai-web-developers-logo-small.pngWelcome to SaiWeb Developers. On our Blog Section we are going to bring FAQ, some lessons and tutorials for those who are intended to educate themselves about CMS (Content Management Systems) and Different Web Technologies & Platforms.

As this is our first ever post on our site so at this stage it doesn’t have more info to show up but thank you for your patience and please visit back us in few days time. Alternatively if you have any questions or suggestion you can contact me.