Following are few examples of our freelance projects. So far all of our clients are small-medium business owners and that reflects from the design’s. If you want to find out more in details regarding any project work which we have worked on or you want to build something similar please contact us. We are open to take freelance projects so you can hire us.

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Healthwise Cookware


Healthwise Cookware is in business of selling surgical stainless steel pots for 100% fat free cooking and healthier life style by preserving natural taste, fat’s and quality of the food.

Healthwise Cookware Project is custom build on Joomla 2.5.x open source CMS (Content Management System) and Virtuemart 2.x open source shopping cart. Joomla and Virtuemart are user friendly GUI’s (Graphical User Interface). Healthwise Cookware provides paypal connectivity & direct deposit checkout functionality. Please go ahead and explore the site.

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German Link


German Link is the parent company of the Healthwise Cookware. German Link is in the business of importing products from Germany which are almost impossible to find in country.

German Link is build on WordPress 3.x CMS (Content Management System). Website has the features for updating the WordPress version time-to-time for up to date functionality and security of the website. Admin can able to update the site from the backarea of WordPress with out having a knowledge of HTML & CSS. It also have ability to generate backup and easy restore functionality. Please go ahead and explore the site.

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Angel On Call


Angel On Call is in business of providing skilled personal in health care and nursing profession. Business helps professionals to reach their dream job by placing them in the proper area of their expertise.

Angel On Call is based on WordPress 3.x CMS for easy update of site from admin area. It provides administrator of WordPress to install/remove add-on (plugins) for extra features. For example, adding Google Analytics code in all pages made very easy by using plugin that automatically adds the code to all the pages. There are hand full of plugins which empowers WordPress to perform its level best. Please go ahead and explore the site.

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The Indian Bazaar


Indian Bazaar is in business of selling Indian, Fiji-Indian, Pakistani, Shri Lankan Grocery online. Business provides compatible rate high quality day to day life food, entertainment and house hold products.

Indian Bazaar project is based on Joomla 2.5.x CMS and Virtuemart 2.x as a shopping cart. The powerful Joomla and Virtuemart is a perfect recipe for good SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and friendly GUI (Graphical User Interface). It gives tons of functionality for administrator to control inventory, orders, different shipment methods, different payment methods, product custom fields to give a unique field to each and every product and much more in Virtuemart 2.x. Please go ahead and explore the site.

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Foresight Resources


Foresight Resources is in business of consultancy. Consultancy consisting of a team of specialized consultants to work with organisations across Australian private and public sectors to achieve positive outcome.

Foresight Resources project is based on Joomla 1.5. Joomla is simple yet powerful CMS which gives developers an ability to build a monster website as well as simple informative website where administrator can easily publish their articles and maintain website by regular backups and security updates which are available by Joomla Organization every couple of months. Please go ahead and explore the site.

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